At Design Within Reach I spotted this fabulous 3-in-1 furniture piece which converts from bed, to chair, to table. Called a “pouf” (and I’m not really sure why) this space-saving sleep solution is amazingly efficient. Folded up it becomes a chair – add the bent plywood tray on top, it becomes a cute table. When the “pouf” is unfolded, a full-length sleep surface is revealed ? perfect for impromptu houseguests. DWR’s pouf comes in two different designs. The first, the Trio Pouf, comes with a slipcover which camouflages the folded nature of the mattress underneath, creating the appearance of a solid black cube. The second design, the Bingo Pouf has no slipcover and utilizes the folding of the mattress as part of its aesthetic. Both are super cute and way practical. All furniture should be this efficient!

If that weren’t enough – this is one of the most affordable things I have ever seen at Design Within Reach. In fact, the poufs are so economical that they are actually within my reach! The Bingo Pouf is a good deal at $348, and the Trio Pouf is a complete steal at $174.95.

$348 from Design Within Reach