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The Coodo system of modular units includes a multifunctional pavilion, a pergola, a summer kitchen, mobile living units and residential buildings. Whether you need office space, a studio, a yoga pavilion, summer shade, a greenhouse or a home, Coodo has a unit that can fit your needs. You can also combine multiple units together to form a larger building. The prefab units all feature a rectangular frame system that can be outfitted with wooden slats for shade or solid panels (with or without insulation and windows) for an enclosed space. Choose your material finish and colors to further customize your space.

The units are designed to fit in a variety of environments – from natural settings to urban locales. You can also opt for Coodo’s custom furniture, which was expressly designed to match and fit within the units. Any unit can be made self-sufficient in terms of energy with the addition of renewable energy generating systems. They are all equipped with a distant monitoring system, allowing the owner to control systems within the house to maximize on energy use. These smart homes are efficiently designed with lots of natural daylighting and can be combined in a myriad of ways to create virtually any kind of space.

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