BioLite is at it again with a new and bigger thermoelectric camp stove called the BaseCamp. The newly minted portable device allows users to cook, generate heat and charge cell phones simply by burning whatever twigs and sticks they put inside its burning maw. The stove top looks even more like a mini furnace complete with a side port to load in wood like a fireplace. On top of heating up the night during a camping trip, users will can boil their water on a larger 13-inch grill top.

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The new BaseCamp stove is better and bigger in every way. Along with all the new improvements it also puts out more power than the original CampStove at 5W, which is more than enough energy to charge a laptop. It includes an integrated battery for energy storage so users won’t have to burn fuel every time they want to charge a phone through the accompanying USB port. Additionally, it has a small flexible task light for helping the cook make meals after dark.

BioLite has already put out multiple thermoelectric appliances including the CampStove, Portable Grill, and KettlePot. But the BaseCamp is the company’s largest portable stove—though not the biggest electricity-producing furnace it’s ever created. The BaseCamp takes most of it design cues from BioLite’s much larger HomeStove, which allows it to use 50 percent less wood than cooking over an open fire whilst reducing smoke by as much as 95 percent.

Unfortunately, these amazing features make the device weigh a hefty 20 pounds. It’s also not cheap at $300, but it should prove extremely handy for outdoor campers to cook meals, provide heat, and electricity with just one batch of wood. BioLite says the new BaseCamp will come out later this fall and it’s already won “Best New Gear” award at the 2014 Winter Outdoor Retailer. We can’t wait to bring it along on our next camping trip.

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