A year ago we showed you Prinzessinnengarten, a mobile urban garden that blooms in Berlin. Well, in addition to growing lots of organic vegetables, they also organize open events centered around food. Last week we were at ‘Cooking With Mama‘, a social gathering where artist Hiwa K. cooked up vegetables leftover from local markets as he followed his Iraqi mum’s instructions via Skype!

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Cooking With Mama is a cute concept that uses collaboration and recipe exchange from around the world. During last week’s event, participants cooked using Hiwa K.’s mother’s dinner menu while following her tips and steps over Skype  — he translated her Kurdish into German and English. The event was made possible thanks to a mix of food coming from the garden, and a freeganism group called Dinner Exchange Berlin that collects unloved vegetables from local markets and other individuals. Eggplants, tomatoes, onions, rice, and lots of exotic spices were chopped up, baked, boiled and more, and eventually shared with Berlin’s crowds.

A way of bonding with his mum through a mutual love for food, Hiwa K.’s Cooking With Mama becomes a deeply personal project that promotes closeness, sharing, and making the best out of what we already have.

Hiwa K. and his mama have been cooking around the world, including Brazil, Italy, Germany and Poland. You can check out his site to see where he’s headed next!

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Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat