By asking themselves how  to add a more human touch to objects in the age of mass production, Joon & Jung created these adorable recycled alarm clocks made from recycled paper pulp. Born in Korea and based in the Netherlands, Joonsoo Kim, Jungyou Choi and Hyunwook Lee designed black and white versions of possibly the most hated appliance known to man and replaced the nasty plastic for hand-made, paper pulp iterations. These ‘Paper Alarm Clocks’ will wake you up in a softer way ensuring you start your day in a happier and more sustainable manner.

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By using second hand alarm clocks as a mold and making apaper pulp mix for the shells, this creative threesome combined native Korean aesthetics with dry Dutch humor. The resulting biodegradable carcass ‘Paper Alarm Clocks’ actually work and have blue knitted cords, mechanical buttons with printed interfaces and LED innards that softly emit the time behind a textile display. If you are about to throw your own alarm clock away, why not send it to Joon & Jung’s multi-discipline design studio in Eindhoven and have them turn it into an adorable paper pulp clock for a lucky new owner instead?

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Photo © Joon & Jung