Inhabitat was on the scene yesterday at COP16 when tcktcktck, a global network of NGOs, pieced together this colorful Mayan pyramid. Sure, it’s made from recycled boxes, but this cardboard monument is a little more than green materials. In fact, it’s covered in images submitted by NGOs worldwide, sending a message of passion and hope for the talks ahead. Read on to learn about how you can be part of this massive collaboration (hint: it has to do with that blank TV screen…)

Tcktcktck is what it sounds like: a giant countdown. And in this case the clock is climate change, and it’s the NGOs doing the counting. Their partners for this project include the World Wildlife Federation,, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the World Council of Churches, Greenpeace, and several nationalities. Moreover, at the pyramid’s earlier inauguration, a UN Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres placed the cornerstone block, labeled “Commitment and Compromise,” among the diverse boxes of images.

“We are not so naive to believe that hope is the only way to reach a climate deal,” writes tcktcktck. “But it’s certainly part of it.”

If you’re interested in making your own contribution, you can check out mosaic: EARTH, a program which allows users to contribute images to a giant piecemeal picture of the planet, or you can upload your own image and have it screened at the pavilion.

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