The University of Copenhagen’s Panum Complex is set to receive a new sustainably-designed Science Tower complete with an impressive vertical atrium. Set in the heart of the city, the new project will host a major laboratory and will act as a public venue that helps integrate the University with the community. C. F. Møller Architects designed the winning proposal, which will significantly increase density while connecting the complex to the university, city, and nearby businesses.

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A large indoor plaza will link the new building with the older facilities, significantly improving the center’s connectivity. The public spaces will also go vertical with a huge atrium that scales the center of the 16-story building with a café and large open area at top.

Science laboratories need large amounts of fresh air and typically contain many large draft hoods to reduce indoor air contamination, thus they use up a lot of energy to maintain the indoor temperature. To deal with this, the project will feature an advanced HVAC system that captures most of the energy in the outgoing air and transfers it to the incoming air. Coupled with an extensive green roof and daylighting, the building will sip rather than suck energy.

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