Copenhagen is getting ready to launch an innovative and efficient new bike-sharing program that will offer bikes with GPS-enabled Android tablets! The new equipment will allow commuters to schedule their travel by bike or by train and know exactly where and when to pick up their next connection. The upcoming Cykel DK service provides information on real-time departures and ticket integration and the availability of bikes and docks in the area.

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The system will include 1,260 bikes and 65 stations, and the service will be available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. To unlock a bike, users can simply enter in their credit card info. Tourists will have the option of paying 20 DKK (ABOUT 3.50 USD) per hour. Those who use the system regularly can pay 50 DKK (about 8.85 USD) for a monthly membership. Cykel DK will be operated by the cities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg plus DSB – Denmark’s national railway system.

Some European railways have already incorporated bike sharing into their system. Deutsche Bahn in Germany, Dutch Railways in The Netherlands, and SNCB in Belgium have already gotten into the bike-sharing business, but Copenhagen’s program is the first one to offer real-time information and navigation for every user. The new technology is leading the city towards the 4th generation of bike-share, which stands to revolutionize inner city mobility.

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ViaClean Technica and GoBike

Photos by Ursula Bach