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Built in the back garden of a photographer in the southern Kantō region of Japan, Light Shed is a 33 sq meter art studio. The open floor plan space measures 4.5 by 7 meters and is kept simple and uncluttered so the photographer can operate with only the essentials. The studio is accessed by a sliding door that faces the house and features a single enclosed toilet room. Walls are painted bright white to reflect light and the grey concrete floors provide a simple foundation from which to work on.

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FT Architects worked with a modest budget and site to create a functional space for the studio. Built from timber, the building has a modified gable roof, where it looks traditional at the entrance, but skews into another geometry on the end. Three large log beams support the roof structure to create the obscure angles. The exterior is covered with a rainscreen of translucent polycarbonate that reveals the inner bones of the construction, while windows and a frosted glass skylight let natural light pour into the space. There is so much light inside that it is practically like being outside in the sun, but with more protection.

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Images ©Shigeo Ogawa