A new smartphone app made by the folks at CORA may soon be available to eco-savvy individuals and businesses who are looking to make use of, or donate, old materials in lieu of sending them off to the local landfill. The new app lets users type in what kind of trash they are tossing and in turn shows them if someone nearby would like it, where they can recycle it, and it even offers a list of super cool upcycling DIY projects that make use of the trash! This app will certainly make people think twice before throwing out their seemingly unwanted items.

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Team CORA’s Kickstarter page is already stocked to the brim with ideas made with the simplest of household items. A handful of used pens could be donated to a local library, or even turned into a funky lamp; old jeans can be used as an alternative to hard plastic, or incorporated into home insulation or car soundproofing; and plastic mesh bags that often carry fruit can be reconstructed into nifty pot scrubbers.

With only a couple weeks left to raise $70,000, CORA needs all the support they can get. Check out their campaign here to get involved!

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Via Treehugger