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Plastic mugs are not environmentally-friendly, and they can affect the taste of your coffee – which is why builder and designer Robert Knox opted for materials such as porcelain and cork. He also points out on Kickstarter, “Should your mug ever need to be thrown out, it will decompose and turn into fill, unlike metal or plastic that stay in the waste stream.” The mug does feature a plastic lid, however it’s 100% BPA-free, and Knox designed it to limit both spills and contact while sipping.

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Knox has been building houses, furniture, and longboards for years, which is how he became familiar with cork. “Recently, I started building my own fly rods and working with cork. I realized that cork was the perfect material to insulate and protect a porcelain mug.” The Cortica Kickstarter campaign was a smash success, and the mugs are currently available online for $25. Now you can enjoy your beverages in an extremely good-looking travel mug that’s kind to the environment.

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