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Keeping in harmony with the lush landscape of the northern Spain town, Rojo/Fernández-Shaw Architects created a structure that echoes the rural splendor of the Galicia area. Paying tribute to the beautiful rural landscape of the country side, the vegetative roof rises like a hill on one side of the building, covered with red and green succulents. The vegetation blends in with the surrounding area, but also creates energy-efficient insulation for the offices below, filtering rainwater, and keeping the interior cool from the hot Spanish sun.

Below the green roof, the offices are arranged in a half circle around a central meeting point. Floor to ceiling glass curtains connect the workers inside to the landscape outdoors, as well as provide superior natural light. A series of skylights add even more day light, fully utilizing the bright sun of the region to their advantage. The building system is based on containers and boxes—bringing in prefabricated segments and joining them together with glass curtains.

Balancing the indoors and outdoors, the Agora project is a comfortable home to Coruña’s civil, cultural and governmental offices, while also creating an open and inviting place for citizens during town meetings and other organizations that connects people to the land.

+ Rojo/Fernández-Shaw Architects

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