To this day “eco fashion” still gets a bad rap. Greenies tend to think anything having to do with fashion is extravagant, ridiculous and wasteful, while many in the fashion industry still cringe at the word “eco”, envisioning beige hemp dresses and Birkenstocks. That’s why we’re so thrilled to see rising fashion stars Costello Tagliapietra showcase environmentally friendly apparel production processes to produce classic, beautifully-designed clothes that are remarkably wearable and flattering for women of all sizes and ages. The burly duo (who are almost always seen wearing matching plaid lumberjack shirts and suspenders) showed their flowy, romantic Spring 2012 collection at Milk Studios yesterday to a star-studded audience. (We chatted with Corinne Bailey Rae and Americ’a Next Top Model personality Miss J Alexander about the show – stayed tuned for our video to come!)

On display for spring was a collection of drapey, feminine dresses in vibrant pink, coral and blue prints which the designers created using AirDye technology – a patented textile dyeing process which uses no water. According to independent assessments, AirDye uses 95% less water, and 86% less energy than traditional textile dyeing processes, contributing 84% less to global warming. Access to clean drinking water is a critical issue around the globe, and traditional textile dyeing is responsible for a tremendous amount of water pollution, so AirDye technology holds a lot of promise as one method of producing cleaner, greener clothing. And the collection was beautiful to boot — a stunning example of how smart technology can improve the world we live in.

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