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The Cones are produced through a hands-on process of growing a specific kind of bacteria over the course of three weeks. Within this period, each cellulose cone ripens in a suspended mould and is then shaped in an organic collective design inspired by natural patterns such as those in honeycombs or reptile scales. Different material properties can be added through chemical processes to alter the end result, making the final material versatile and applicable in a wide range of product designs. The material is characterized by high purity, strength, mold-ability, and increased water-holding ability.

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The designers aim to demonstrate the viability of growing objects through a sustainable and transparent production cycle. These new manufacturing routines could become part of our daily life and reshape the way we think about the production of material objects. The Xylinum Cones are part of the Ventura Lambrateexhibit at this year’s Milan Design Week.

+ Studio Stefan Schwabe

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