If you’ve always pictured yourself as a hero of Tolkien-esque proportions, here’s your chance to live like one. A group of architects and structural engineers are running an Indiegogo campaign to lift Tolkein’s fantastical city of Minas Tirith out of Middle Earth and plop it right into middle England. With the less-than-modest goal of raising more than $3 billion in 60 days, they need your help, especially if you have a few billion dollars earmarked for odd urban development projects.

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According to the campaign site, the team, all fan’s of Tolkien’s work, wants “to challenge the common perception of community and architecture”. “We believe that, in realizing Minas Tirith, we can create not only the most remarkable tourist attraction on the planet but also a wonderfully unique place to live and work.” Unique it is, with neighborhoods and housing being structured by tier, quality, and size. For example, a 3.2.4 house would be on the city’s third level, with a 2-star quality rating and four bedrooms.

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For a £50 ($75) donation, supporters will receive a free tour of the completed city and a plaque with their name on the Minas Tirith “Wall of Honour”, while £900 ($1400) donors will also get a night for two at one of the city’s 300 2-star lodgings. Becoming a Lordship or Ladyship of the city will only set donors back £100,000 ($155,000) and grants such privileges as the use of horse-drawn carriages for transport and a seat on the city’s Executive Committee. Becoming an early investor in real estate is also a possibility, with properties running from £400,000 ($620,000) to £1,720,000 ($2.7 m).

With only 16 funders and less than $400 raised after 10 days of campaigning, the team will probably have to stumble upon a highly valuable ring or an underground hoard of gold in order to realize their dream.

Lead image via Realize Minas Tirith, images via wikimedia