The FDA is asking pet owners to report any issues with jerky dog treats, as thousands of dogs and at least ten cats have become sick after eating the treats over the past several years. The FDA reports that over 580 animals have died, and some have experienced kidney failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, and urinary difficulties after ingesting the snacks.

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While the FDA has run a battery of tests on jerky strips made from chicken, sweet potato, fruit, and duck, they have been unable to determine the cause of the illnesses. They tell pet owners that they should be concerned if their animals show signs of listlessness, diarrhea with or without blood, increased urination, and drinking more water than usual.

As mentioned on NPR, investigations have focused primarily on products from China. Last week, the FDA posted a call for help: they would like to hear from veterinarians and pet owners who have had animals become sick after eating jerky. The public can report troubles via their website.



Images via Wikicommons users Kusie and Xdotcommer.