As electric vehicle charging stations sweep the nation it’s tremendously exciting to see the sparks that may spread into the massive uptake of plug-in vehicles. In the latest ev infrastructure update Coulomb Technologies recently installed the first charging station in San Jose, California. Their Chargepoint features an ingenious design that is easily connected to an existing streetlamp and provides access to the municipal energy grid. As an incentive to try out the new technology they are currently offering access cards for a full year of free charging!

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We all know that plug-in hybrids are coming, and coming soon. Currently the Tesla Roadster is probably the most well known example, but we have recently shown a number of vehicles that will soon be hitting the marketplace. And just as fossil fuel based vehicles required a gasoline infrastructure, these next generation vehicles require an energy infrastructure to refuel for those times when one is not at home, or near an available electrical outlet.

We look forward to seeing what comes out of Coulomb Technologies‘ initiative. We’ve already highlighted plans by three Californian cities to install electric vehicle charging points, and we are glad to see such strident efforts to provide solutions to the new paradigm that, we hope, will soon become standard in all of our vehicles. Now if we could only get some renewable energy in those vehicles.

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