RWTH Aachen University, Counter Entropy, recycled materials, recycled CD, prefab, solar-power, SDE 2012, solar decathlon, 2012, green design, sustainable design, eco-design

Designed for a couple without children, Counter Entropy is almost completely open save for the bathroom, which is slightly set apart on the northern side. A large cantilevering roof made of seven prefab box elements provides shade and some level of privacy, but mostly the home is comprised of wide open spaces. The public areas of the home are located on the east side of the interior while the shared work/live space is on the west side.

Probably the most exciting feature of this design is the wood harvested from the Tivoli soccer stadium. After extensive testing showed no chemicals present in the material, the group turned the roof beams into blocks and then into outdoor and indoor flooring that is particularly weather-resistant. And did we mention that the entire home can be controlled from a smartphone! We’ve just landed in Madrid today, so don’t forget to come back next weekend to check our live coverage of one of architecture’s most exciting international events!

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