When Pete Geyer and Andrea Parrish decided to spend the rest of their lives together, they set their hearts on making their wedding day a celebration of something they both love and hope to preserve for future generations – the Earth. The couple funded their entire wedding by collecting and recycling a whopping 400,000 cans – and it only took them 197 days!

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The $4000 Peter and Andrea raised went to pay for dresses, DJs, food, and flowers, just in time for their upcoming July 31 wedding date. 400,000 cans seems like an incredible amount – how did they do it so quickly? Well, the couple had already amassed 280,000 or so cans themselves, but Alcoa and United Recycling Services chipped in the remaining cans.

And the soon-to-be newlyweds won’t be stopping there – they still need money to pay for their honeymoon and they’ll be funding it the same way they paid for their wedding. Only this time, they’ll be donating 60% of the money they raise to Doctors Without Borders and the Rim Country Land Institute.

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Via Treehugger