What’s a bored city dweller to tip over when there aren’t any cows around? Smart cars, of course. The act of tipping Smart cars became notorious after a Facebook page surfaced in 2011 showing Smart car tipping from all over the country and on Monday, four more Smart cars were found tipped over in San Francisco. While car tipping may seem like a quirky way to have some fun, police say that they are taking the matter very seriously and those responsible could face felony charges if caught.

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The latest car tipping wave took place Monday morning in San Francisco, where four Smart cars were found turned on their sides, headlights or bumpers, with broken windows and body damage. Police aren’t sure whether the overturned cars were an act of vandalism, a prank or perhaps a political statement, since they don’t currently have any suspects.

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Police say that they have an eyewitness and they are looking for individuals wearing black hoodies in the neighborhoods of Bernal Heights and Portola. The cars were discovered between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m and the eyewitness describes seeing about 8 figures who simply flipped over the car and moved on. NBC Bay Area talked to several Smart car owners, many of whom are understandably worried about their own cars being tipped by vandals.

Via NBC Bay Area and USA Today

Lead image via Robert W. Howingon, image via Eric Molina