This quirky looking hourglass stool is a cool, solid design that you can make at home on your own! Spotted over at ‘Dangerously Fun‘, this DIY stool can be made simply by using old cardboard from boxes or packaging, strong glue, a craft knife, a tape measure, and a pencil. Hit the jump for an easy-to-follow ‘How To’!

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From Dangerously Fun: “Cut and fold part A, which will form the seat. It is made of multiple 11.5″ diameter circles folded over each other to make a strong sitting surface. The narrow strip is folded around the circumference of all of the circles to hide the edges.

Cut and fold part B, which is the weight-bearing element in the stool. It is just a large sheet that is rolled into a tight cylinder. You can make folding easier and more precise by using a straight edge and a blunt instrument to score parallel lines into one side of the cardboard. The cardboard will then fold nicely along these lines.

Cut and fold part C, which is mainly decorative. This piece has thin diamonds cut out of it, allowing the middle to be pressed in when it is rolled up. The result is an hour glass shape.”

So long as the parts fit together properly then you can start gluing. Be careful to let the glue dry fully before trying out the stool — and make sure that it stands up properly as tilting or leaning on it will wear it out. Happy crafting!

+ Dangerously Fun

Images courtesy of Dangerously Fun