Based in Portland, Oregon, Craftedsystems creates custom-designed interior pieces from sustainable felt. The company focuses on celebrating “modern craft” by providing an opportunity for those in need to learn new, real-world skills that they can also take joy in. Instead of working with artisans, Craftedsystems has partnered with Portland’s YWCA women’s homeless shelters to make each product. The women are not only offered a creative and “healing” outlet, but they are given an opportunity to enable themselves economically. Each piece is made with 100% wool felt without the use of any fasteners, and all products are created to be completely sustainable employing only local and eco-friendly production methods such as waterjet cutting and die cutting. Founded by Aurelie Tu, an award-winning industrial designer, Craftedsystems is a creative, community-based project aimed at supporting local manufacturing and the women’s community of Portland, Oregon.