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The roof and vertical gardens are populated with autochthonaus plants, which basically means they require virtually no water, and since this one was installed in Spain, it features native species that protect the Mediterranean region’s biodiversity. Because it is prefabricated, construction costs were cut by a full 50%, and the reinforced concrete slabs are put together using metal plates that will never expire. Given that the home consumes zero energy from conventional sources, we’re definitely ready to overlook the use of concrete, which is mostly destructive because of its embodied energy costs.

Speaking of energy, few prefabricated buildings have such an amazing pedigree as the “Green Box.” Not only does passive design keep the home cool in the summer, but the level of interior warmth during winter is also exceptionally high. What energy is required is derived from photovoltaic panels and a very sophisticated geothermal system. No detail has been left uncovered. Garrido has incorporated some of the most cutting-edge recycled materials into the interior, including insulation made from recycled glasses, glass bottles, and airplane towelettes, eco-panelling also made from recycled glass, and much much more. We’ve only recently stumbled across Luis de Garrido’s work, but we have a feeling that you (and we) will be hearing a lot more from him. Stay tuned!

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