BPG Motors just announced that their crazy transforming Uno 3 scooter is now available for pre-order! The high-powered electric di-cycle can be ridden on two or three wheels, and it’s compact enough to ride right into your elevator or into your apartment. We’re sure the neighbors would be pleased!

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The new Uno 3 di-cycle can transform into a three wheeled-vehicle for improved handling and traction. With the flip of a switch, a third front wheel emerges, making the Uno III more like a traditional motorcycle — although the vehicle’s speed is capped at 30 mph so it is considered a scooter. The best part is that the Uno III is completely emission–free, drawing all of its power from a rechargeable battery.

The thought of a third wheel deploying while cruising along on one of New York City’s streets may seem scary, but Uno promises a smooth transition and stability. As a di-cycle, the Uno has the ability to pull off extremely tight turns, and it’s more stable than a motorcycle. It uses a gyroscopic control system to balance itself and transition into its three-wheeled mode.

With its flexibility, portability and low operating costs, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of the Uno series zipping around cities everywhere. It’s also way more stylish than a Segway — sign up today to reserve yours!

+ BPG Motors

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