At Inhabitat, we’re always interested in how design and innovative architecture can breathe new life into degraded environments, and this towering vertical garden proposed for Rosario City in Argentina is meant to do just that. Rather than stick to the usual program of manicured lawns and rock piles, EFGH Arch Design’s Billboard Park is designed to give this riverside urban space both a horizontal and vertical uplift with a crazy green wall.

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Located on land that is both publicly and privately owned, the billboard consists of a honeycombed concrete structure that is packed with a soil-less growth medium that will hopefully sprout a bevy of lovely green plants. This will also be an interactive space that (brave) children will be able to climb. The side of the wall which faces the Paraná River will be totally green. Far from being just a concept, the Billboard Park is currently under construction!

+ EFGH Arch Design Studio

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