Built from reclaimed materials reclaimed from London’s Olympic Park, The Yard theatre is a temporary creative and collaborative performance space that has popped-up in the city’s east district of Hackney Wick. Open for three months, summer to fall, the converted warehouse has become a site for theater, dance and opera performances by emerging directors. The Yard has also helped boost and inspire the local theatrical community.

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The redesign of the former warehouse was completed by Practice Architecture, who constructed the 120 seat theatre-café bar using recycled and biodegradable materials. The architects kept a specific goal of creating a space that would bring people together.

Running almost like a cooperative, the venue advertises free rehearsal and performance space for artists and theater companies in exchange for half box office returns and help in managing the building. Supported by the local council, the Arts Council and Create Festival, the ticket prices are being kept to a minimum of between £4 – £10.

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Images courtesy of Esther Nissard and Andy Matthews