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Mitchell Joachim and his team at Terraform 1 are provocateurs of the built environment that excel at dreaming up new ways of building and getting around. Their recycled Creatureama installation explores the materiality of our world and ways that waste can be repurposed as raw material for our future needs. The project transforms e-waste packing material into quirky robots in an endeavor to “architecturally sketch figures and follies”. Apparently Darmstadt’s waste department was a bit thrown by the installation and it took a bit of work to convince them that the project was indeed more than just trash.

The environmental impact of waste and its transformation into something better is a predominant theme in Terraform 1’s work. While their latest project explores how the objects a city throws away can be reused to renew the city it’s not new territory. They’ve previously envisioned skyscrapers built entirely from refuse produced by cities.

+ Terreform 1

Lead Photo Peter Kratzert