Incandescent bulbs are inefficient, fluorescent bulbs have raised some health concerns and LED bulbs are expensive and cast an unflattering glow. So what’s the environmentally-conscious design lover to do? That’s where lighting company Cree comes in, with its new LED bulbs that not only look like an incandescent bulb and cast a pleasing light, but are also affordable.

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The new Cree LED bulb doesn’t look like your typical LED bulb; in fact, it looks a lot like the familiar incandescent bulb. It also comes in flattering light colors, including warm white and daylight, so you don’t have to give up the warm glow that old bulbs provided. The bulbs will be sold exclusively at Home Depot and start at just under 10-dollars. Between the savings in your electricity bill and the savings in replacing short-lived incandescent bulbs, they pay for themselves.

According to the company, the bulb “is illuminated by Cree LED Filament Tower™ Technology and provides a compact optically balanced light source within a real glass bulb.” The bulbs fit in most traditional fixtures and are dimmable, which means that there are no compromises between utility, efficiency and appearance, like there are with other bulb types.

Cree, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting, introduced their new LED bulb Tuesday in an effort to capture buyers who have hesitated to move away from the cheap incandescent bulb. Each bulb is 84-percent more efficient than incandescent, lasts 25,000 hours and comes with a 10-year warranty. Let’s see your old bulb match that.

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