Belgium-based design shop Materialise has developed their signature style by combining digital manufacturing processes with organic forms inspired by nature. This juxtaposition yields beautiful designs such as Creepers LED lighting, concocted by UK designer Lionel Theodore Dean. Drawing inspiration from the growth patterns of ‘creeper’ vines, Creepers incorporates low-energy LED lights within plastic flower-shaped appendages that hang delicately from the ceiling to create a sort of organic chandelier. When refracted through the translucency of the polyamide petals, the LEDs produce lovely patterns and variances of light.

Like most of Materialise’s designs, Creepers are made through the use of Rapid Prototyping Technologies and Selective Laser Sintering – whereby shapes are cut out of polyamide and can be customized with a special laser. This specialized process cuts down on material waste while upping the creativity possible withing manufacturing processes. The eco-friendly LEDs are the perfect choice of light for this organic chandelier design, as they are low energy, low heat and extremely efficient.

Lionel Theodore Dean’s objective is to expand the boundaries of conventionally functional objects. His sentimentality for biological forms yields engaging products and is the primary inspiration for his side project, FutureFactories.

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