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Polish-born Olek is internationally acclaimed for her large-scale artworks and is most notable for crocheting her entire studio apartment, her full-body yarn suits, and for stitching a colorful woolly coat over New York City’s landmarks, like on Wall Street’s “Charging Bull.” Like a crochet-version Spiderman who shoots yarn instead of webbing, Olek uses crocheting as her medium for exploring life and doling out messages of justice. About her work, she comments: “life and art are inseparable. Anything that enters my life will be highlighted in crochet, either you like it or not.”

In her largest project yet, Olek and her art crew of four crocheted a colorful cover over a four-car train in Lodz Poland, a symbol of homecoming for the crochet queen, who left Poland to set up shop in New York City. Olek’s crocheted locomotive made its debut on July 13 and will be on display until August 19.

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Images from Olek NYC and Olek’s Facebook