CGARCHITECTES designed and built this stunning “Crossbox” house composed of four prefabricated containers in Brittany, France. The modern residence is clad in a low-maintenance material for a sleek finish, while the inside is simply furnished and bright. The top of the bottom box features a green roof at either end, which provides an extra planting region for the home. Meanwhile the overhang of the top box provides shade for a deck area and a mini car.

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Others in the blogosphere (here and here) have suggested this home is put together with four shipping containers, but based on watching the architect’s flash site, the construction photos reveal what looks more like modular prefabricated boxes. Regardless, they are a similar size to a shipping container and this design could be easily be created with shipping containers if so desired.

Crossbox is composed of four “containers”, two on the bottom and two on the top stacked crosswise, with living and dining areas on the bottom and bedrooms up top. Although the home definitely seems like it would be a bit out of place in a traditional neighborhood, it’s a lovely, well executed example of prefab architecture that could be easily replicated with shipping containers. Good fodder for inspiration!

Via MocoLoco

All photos by Javier Callegras