Crotos is an Argentine brand that turns all kinds of urban trash paper into useful recycled notebooks. Metro tickets, scrap photocopies, old forms and even risque flyers are sorted and binded into surprisingly attractive all-size notebooks. Founded by Buenos Aires-based artist Florencia Dacal, the brand turns a waste problem into a practical solution.

Argentine brand Crotos recycles urban scrap paper into notebooks

The word Crotos is commonly used in Argentina to describe a bummy, badly dressed, untidy person, and the artist playfully uses the word to denote a dirty edge to her work. The notebooks’ covers need to be hard and so are made from recycled found materials like x-rays, cardboard and anything she can get her hands on at the time. By designing, making and selling these unique recycled notebooks, Dacal not only helps clean the city and save some money, she also comments on the amount of rubbish we generate as well as one of the city’s vices: prostitution.

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