The UK based, small-batch production company saves resources by producing only what consumers really want, like the Watson desk, a design that is backed up by high web approval ratings. First, they showcased the well-crafted and compact Watson desk by architect and designer Stephen Tierney and asked for viewer feedback. Voters were drawn to the use of sustainably sourced, natural oak that is accented with a flare of citrus green on the raised shelf. Tierney’s attention to detail, carefully considered angles, and well balanced proportions make the Watson such a liveable piece of furniture. The hidden compartment under the desktop and energy-efficient integrated LED lighting and other attractive features.

The newest in crowd-sourced design, puts into production home furnishing selected by online voters. Offering customers savings on price, and economy of material, has a model of batch ordering by the container load. Time limits are given to place orders, and then all are processed at once in order to build all of the pieces together. Buyers can even track their item along its production cycle through the website. This unique strategy ensures that product is not built to waste space in storage until it is sold, or that their will be too much product constructed that goes unsold. The company also saves resources by not having a physical retail store, and instead only offering online sales.

The Watson desk is available with and without the integrated LED lighting. Using very little energy to illuminate, the LED strip is tucked up under the shelf, and includes a switch on the left side of the desk.