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The project consisted of converting the existing barn, warehouse and small home into one large living space and a series of guest pavilions. And the design focus from the beginning was to provide a modern and luxurious home and guest quarters that blended into the surrounding area’s bucolic charm.

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To take advantage of the stunning viewsof fields and meadows surrounding the structure, the architects decided to bring the existing structures together by extending the various connecting volumes. The facades and roofs were all rehabilitated to resemble as much of their original state as possible and the interior spaces were redistributed to meet the demands of the owner’s needs. The original hay barn was converted into an open-air corridor with the original timber trusses supporting the roof.

Stone walls and wood coating as well as iron elements throughout the interior bring the design full-circle with its traditional past. With such a large canvas to work with, the final result is an amazingly varied, yet determinedly focused design that brings a bit of modernity to one very traditional Spanish village.

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Photography by Jordi Anguera