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In response to Koletić’s request, Pedišić and Velasco Farerra created the oversized crystal ball, which is designed around a central vertical axis. The orb transforms into a glowing installation as soon as the sun goes down. During the day the exterior takes on an iridescent effect, glittering with the rise of the sun and filtering ample daylight into the interior.

The orb body rests on the vertical axis, but spins in a spiral path throughout the day, making gradual revolutions around the central point. Like other revolving buildings, the movement will enhance the tourist attraction as a truly innovative structure.

With a reference to the historic dome structures in architecture like the Pantheon, the Hagia Sophia and geodesic domes, the Crystal Ball puts Qatar on the map of architectural icons, but with a sustainable twist. The glittering ball will host a FIFA World Cup sports museum and a shopping center for tourists and locals to enjoy.

+ Apriori Communications