Electric vehicles already attract attention on the street, but if you really want to get noticed, consider buying the Cupcake Car, a tasty-looking automobile designed by Bay Area artist Lisa Pongrace. It’s certainly one way to drive your efficient vehicle and eat it too (although it’s not actually edible, so you probably want to hold off on that).

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The $25,000 electric vehicle is constructed from a 24 volt electric motor, a battery (no word on what kind), sheet metal, wire, fabric, and wood. Pongrace’s Cupcake Car isn’t exactly designed for speed freaks–it tops off at 7 MPH–but it is a nifty way to head over to the office on mornings when nestling in the middle of a cupcake seems like the sweetest option.

The vehicle, which was originally launched at Burning Man as a cooperative art car project, is available now from Neiman Marcus for the EV lover who has cash to burn.

+ Neiman Marcus

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