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Image by Monica Fernadez

Gem Barton is one half of Brighton-based curatorial duo Collate Presents who regularly run creative and out of the ordinary exhibitions. The duo [Carly Jayne] hope that this model for curating is picked up around the globe, not only is it better for the environment, it also significantly reduces the ancillary costs for participating artists.

Unlike many other ‘photography’ exhibitions, the SCAN.IT brief required artists to refrain from any digital image manipulation; no cropping, no enlarging and no re-touching. This natural and honest representation of our everyday interaction with objects is something that curator Gem is passionate about. This extends beyond the act of ‘scanning’ to create the artwork but also creatively using a piece of equipment that almost every household/office possesses, the scanner itself. It’s about generating art in an accessible fashion without expending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on specialist equipment. Re-appropriating our everyday home and office paraphernalia. The exhibition also encourages interaction, live scanning sessions will be available for visitors to get hands on and scan stuff!

Borbay did a Q&A with session Gem during the conception of the project back in April.

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