The Japanese Electric Vehicle Club has just earned one of the most coveted spots on Earth – a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. They did it by smashing the current record for longest electric vehicle trip on a single charge by driving their custom built Daihatsu Mira a whopping 623 miles. For all of us electric vehicle enthusiasts out there this is exciting and sad at the same time. We’re excited that the JEVC proved electric vehicles can go the extra mile — or miles — but sad that this is a custom vehicle which means we can’t go out and buy one right now.

This was not an official project of Daihatsu Mira, but they can’t be unhappy about the press. The Japan Electric Vehicle Club seems to have wanted to smash that world record to pieces and chose this car to do it with. The little electric car ran technology built around 8,320 Sanyo li-ion cells (totaling about 807lbs) which make up about half the weight of a commercial Mira.

The trip took 27 and a half hours and was driven on the Tsukuba circuit in Shimotsuma, Japan — which means they were driving at a grandma’s pace of 23 miles per hour on average. Although the closest commercial vehicle to this amazing record is the Nissan leaf — which we wrote about here — clocking in at 100 miles per charge, we’re hoping that the electric car makers take a few hints from the JEVC and start implementing whatever genius technology they used to zoom zoom the distance from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California without having to stop for any juice.

+ Japan Electric Vehicle Club

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