Fully customizable and created especially for use in interior design, Benetti Moss from Italy-based company Benetti Home is a unique take on personalized, maintenance-free green walls. These vertical gardens, made from 100% natural and stabilized lichen moss, don’t attract dust or insects and are adaptable to almost every type of interior space.

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dark and light green wall in cafeteria

The lichen is Cladonia stellaris, which comes from Northern European forests. The natural cream color of this moss can be adapted to a range of 12 different colors for the green walls. Designers can also choose from a variety of customizable sizes and shapes according to their preferences. Businesses have taken full advantage of this feature in the past, using the moss to display logos, personalized designs and different types of decorations in multiple colors. The moss easily attaches to both walls and ceilings.

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moss wall in grocery store
moss wall in shape of antelope on a wood wall

According to the company, founded in 2016, the moss panels provide excellent soundproofing and fire-retardant properties. Although Benetti Home is based in Italy, it gets about 80% of its business abroad, mostly from the U.S.

moss wall above a bar
moss wall in a restaurant

Recently, Benetti Home has been making good use of lichen’s sound-absorbing characteristics by developing Benetti Sound. Unveiled in 2021, the new vertical garden model adapts engineering technology through sound panels. Owner Stivens Benetti explained, “It consists of an aluminum panel like that one supporting the moss and capable of producing sound as the result of a research to optimize sound and its diffusion, which benefits from high-level electronic and sound technology.” The panels connect to an external amplifier, which allows users to control the output sound from a phone app.

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moss wall with neon sign in a clothing store

Just like the traditional Benetti Moss, the newly developed Benetti Sound moss is adaptable to multiple kinds of spaces, including stores, offices, event spaces and restaurant dining rooms. The company’s team of acoustic specialists adapt customized acoustic designs depending on the client space’s interior design, size and use.

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