By now you probably know that your gadgets still suck power from the grid when they are plugged in but not turned on — this phantom power drain can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. But how are the forgetful greenies out there to remember to unplug that charging cell phone right when the battery is full or click off the power bar for the Plasma TV when Mad Men ends? Well, the answer might be here — the Fair Energy Clock is one of this year’s entries into the Greener Gadgets competition and it vows to cut off phantom power when you’re not there to unplug.

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There are already units at the hardware store that will turn your appliances off, however none offer the plug and play versatility of the Fair Energy Clock. The gadget features two rotating clocks at the base of the unit — simply twist them to indicate your “on” and “off” times. Then plug the Fair Energy Clock into the outlet and your gadget into the Fair Energy Clock. It follows your direction and cuts the power supply at the specified times, saving you money and energy.

This little gizmo‘s ease of use and intuitive design makes it one of our top picks in this year’s Greener Gadget Design Competition. If you agree, be sure to vote for it today!

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