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Artisan Alex Jacques came up with a perfect solution to that quandary by creating a line of straight razors that are intended to last a lifetime. Made of the highest quality tool steel and sustainable space-age laminates, each of his one-of-a-kind razors is a veritable piece of functional art, crafted by hand and honed to… well, razor-sharpness. They’re shipped as ready-to-use, and paired with the shaving product of your choice, will provide the closest, cleanest shave imaginable; one that will last far longer than that of a standard safety razor, sans the bumps and ingrown hairs. These perfect shaves aren’t just for guys either—ladies who have used straight razors rarely go back to conventional blades. The smoothness one gets from these is really quite spectacular, and it lasts for days.

A one-time investment in a blade like thismeans that ideal shaves will happen for the rest of your life, and considering that these razors will outlast all of us by a long shot, your great-grand-kids might be using them as well!

The downside? Some people might feel a bit nervous about dragging a sharp, open blade across their skin, but it sounds far scarier than it actually is. There are many “how-to” videos out there, and with a bit of patience and a steady hand, there’s really nothing to fear. If the very thought of a straight razor is intimidating to you, there’s another sustainable route that you can take: the solar razor.

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Solar-powered electric shavers are ideal alternatives to straight razors as far as sustainability and longevity are concerned. Since they rely on solar power to charge their batteries, you can use these shavers so long as the sun continues to shine. With a solar shaver, you don’t have to worry about lugging extra batteries, extension cords, or shaving creams/balms with you when you travel, and you can keep neatly trimmed wherever you go. You might not get quite as clean and close a shave with one of these as you would with a blade, but as far as convenience and speed goes, it only takes a minute or two to maneuver a shaver around your face as opposed to the time needed to lather up and scrape with a bladed razor.

The downside? No sun equals no solar charging for your shaver. So if you’re on a mountain trek that consists mostly of cloudy skies and/or rain, you’ll most likely end up looking like a sasquatch or a member of ZZ Top by the time you fight free of the woods’ loving embrace.

Whichever direction you choose to go in, do choose a sustainable razor. It is an investment not only in your skin’s health, but in the health of the planet as well.