Some artists play to the beat of their own drum – but Moon Ribas plays to the beat of the Earth’s constant seismic movement. A self-proclaimed “cyborg artist,” Ribas feels the vibrations of earthquakes through a subdermal implant and expresses what she feels through a unique interpretive dance called “Waiting for Earthquakes.”

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Dubbing her vibrational sensitivities a sixth sense, Ribas interprets the planet’s moving and shaking in her own artistic way. She decided to have a small magnet implanted under her skin near her elbow, which is connected to a personalized iPhone app. The app tracks the Earth’s seismic activity by aggregating geological data from all over the world, giving her a buzz akin to a phone vibrating in her pocket whenever the device is turned on and an earthquake is rumbling. She calls the phenomenon her second heartbeat, or “Earthbeat.”

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Ribas has a certain affinity for the Earth’s rumblings. She told Quartz, “I think it’s unfair that our perception of earthquakes are all bad. Earthquakes are part of the evolution of our planet. The bad thing is that humans haven’t adapted to this natural phenomenon.” She is considering adding more implants to fine tune the sensations and, in the end, her performance art. She explains, “Maybe I’ll use each toe to define each continent, but that’s still in process.”

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