If ‘cycle chic’ is something that you have been trying to master – that is, looking totally fabulous on a bike while dressing functionally and with panache, look no further than those clever, design-savvy Londoners. We love the idea of melding sustainable style with green transportation, and Cycle Chic is a great online guide featuring ways to cycle safely while sporting some rather fashion-forward ideas. Any opportunity to wear tartan plaid with a biking helmet always gets me rolling, and I am happy to see that girls everywhere are being totally adventurous while sending the message that style needn’t be sacrificed when one opts to pedal to their next destination.

That back-to-school vibe is totally in the air right now, and whether you are headed back to campus, or simply stocking up on a few items to freshen up your fall wardrobe, Cycle Chic is a great source for chic transportation style. The UK-based website features super-cute and helpful tips on how to dress ‘safely’ while also having full-range of motion in swishy, feminine couture. Don’t expect lots of Lycra fashion on Cycle Chic – this is sustainable style with a focus on flowery frocks or kilts (with cute 3/4 leggings), floaty capes allowing free-range of motion, and fabulous helmets that are great for bad-hair days, too.

I especially love the bike baskets featured on the site – good old-fashioned wicker, classic plaid, flowery satchels, as well as edgier Swedish, lace-inspired designs. Cycle Chic is written by chicks for chicks, and you have to admire the editors’ free-spirited, can-do-attitude. Safety on the street as well as bike buying, storage, and maintenance tips all play a part in touring with eco-ease. Forget dealing with the used-car salesman who is trying to sell you a lemon, Cycle Chic blows the skirt off of the need for a car, or the dorky trouser bike clip, for that matter.

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