Turns out riding a bike can have more benefits than simply exercise or green-transportation… these days your pedal power can provide juice for your cell phone, the TV at your gym, and now even your washing machine. Pedal your way to cleaner clothes – and save energy and get fit in the process!

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We mentioned Cyclean in our earlier Green Your Appliances post as an eco-friendly option to most energy and water-sapping commercial washers. The system is actually quite simple- designed and constructed by Alex Gadsden, your pedaling spins the internal washer chamber using no electricity whatsoever. While Cyclean is still just a prototype, its potential is huge- imagine what such a machine could do for off-the-grid locations and rural villages!

The contraption itself is built out of parts Gadsden found in scrap yards and dumps. All he needed was an old washing machine to strip down to just the drum and shocks- then he made a frame for the machine to sit on, and integrated a universal joint which connected the back of the machine to the wheelbarrow wheel. The last step in the construction process was building a frame for the bike to sit on using the brazons on the bike. Put it all together and he had a lean green eco-friendly washing machine that gets your clothes clean and your waistline leaner all in one fell swoop.

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