Holly Farm in Southern Tasmania is a sprawling new farmhouse made of reclaimed materials from the previous home that sat on its site, which was damaged in a fire. Designed by Cykel Architecture, the horizontal building is capped with a double-height addition that looks out over the residents’ farmland.  The open and airy modern structure draws upon sustainable building strategies to create a comfortable home for the young family.

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Holly Tree Farm was designed to celebrate the lush surrounding land by giving the family that lives there a clear view of the hills and forest on the property. The building is set between other working buildings on the farm plot, and its exterior is clad with rich woods that mimic the forest periphery. Since much of the former farmhouse burned, the bricks were reclaimed and built into the new structure, creating a dialogue between the old and the new, and writing a new history for the family.

Inside, each oversized window captures a picturesque view of the family’s farm landscape. Plywood and FSC-certified woods clad the interior from floor to ceiling, creating a harmony with the exterior. The house is fitted with passive solar features, as well as a concrete floor for hydronic heating.

Deep window boxes provide window seating, while aluminum framing and double-glazed glass block solar gain. The double floor volume faces the sunset and overhangs, providing shading to the area below it.

The open modern structure rests lightly on the idyllic landscape, connecting the family with the land they live and work on.

+ Cykel Architecture

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