This year at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, something menacing was lurking among the tables and chairs. D-torso unveiled a giant 3D Velociraptor made completely from cardboard! Standing a bit taller than an average human, the sculpture dominated the exhibit. D-torso used laser cutting technology to bring the dino to life, and the finished sculpture meshes the modern and the prehistoric.

d-torso, Velociraptor, 3d, cardboard, icff

Created by Aki, Co., Ltd, the D-torso craft figures use similar technology to a CT scan to break down a three dimensional image into parts that can be assembled later. Each piece is cut by a laser, making sure that the elements are so precise that no scissors, glue or tape are needed to fit them together. The company began by creating small animals and human forms, designed by Yuki Matsuoka and his team. Their imposing Velociraptor is an impressive new model, one that would certainly be coveted for any kid’s playroom. Who wouldn’t want a touch of natural history in their home?

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