We always love when designers mesh recycled materials with greenery, and Peter Bottazzi and Denish Bonpace’s recycled furniture planters are a shining example! The series, called Da Morto A Orto (from redundant to abundant) was presented at the recent Milan Furniture Fair. The pair breathes new life into abandoned wooden furniture, joining various pieces together to form cool new hybrid planters.

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The rustic feel of the cast off wooden furniture only adds to the charm of each piece. Each unique planter is a repurposing of everyday objects – chairs, shelving, carts, tables and stands are fused together and given new life as a home for lush greenery. The results are whimsical pieces that blend nicely in our interiors, since most pieces originated there to being with.

Cantilevered drawers open from both sides to reveal leveled window box style planters and plant lights are poised atop desk chair swivels, making for incredible mobile planters that can easily be relocated as you decorate.  Bottazzi and Bonpace intended for the hybrids to become kitchen gardens, or set in classrooms for “horticulture education.” The planters are also part of a series of initiatives involving horticulture and culture with a lesson in recycling cast off materials and repurposing them for an interesting and sustainable use.

Da Morto A Orto is supported by the environmental sustainable agency AMSA along with Fratelli Ingegnoli and Banco Building. Together, they hope to educate on conservation and sustainability through innovative design products.

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