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Built to house a single occupant at a time, the micro house offers a full suite of amenities in a compact energy-efficient space. The wood-clad shipping container structure can be prefabricated off-site to minimize site disturbance. Papuashvili’s design is self-contained and self-sufficient to provide its tenant with a high degree of solitude.

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The off-grid building is equipped with solar panels to power the home as well as a rainwater catchment system. The first floor is reserved for utilities, including solar energy batteries, a water reservoir, and additional storage space. A bathroom with a shower and composting toilet is located on the second level. The horizontally-oriented shipping container houses the much larger third floor, where the main living spaces such as the bedroom and kitchen are located. Lastly, a prayer room is situated on the fourth floor, which connects to an outdoor patio.

According to Dezeen, Papuashvili plans to construct the first prototype of the micro house by 2015.

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