LEGO builder extraordinaire Damien Labrousse recently unveiled an amazing replica of the French Space Agency’s Jupiter Mission Control Room made from 6,000 toy bricks! The model was requested by the team at the Kourou Space Center, which is the port from which the European Space Agency sends supplies to the International Space Station.

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Damien Labrousse‘s model is made from 6,000 bricks and 80 minifigures, and it replicates the Jupiter Mission Control Room with a working video screen and sound system showing a rocket launch and countdown. A second duplicate model was built to display at the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, however this one will stay on display at the Kourou Space Center.

Labrousse is no stranger to LEGO space design. Judging from his Flickr photostream, his LEGO craft has been well honed by building amazing shuttles, planes and transports.

+ Damien Labrousse

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