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Originally designed by Jean-Marie Roy, the St. Denys-du-Plateau Church is a sharply peaked structure with eaves extending almost to the ground. The massive church was renovated to house both the public library and a community center, which utilize two storeys above ground and the basement. Two glazed extensions were added to each end of the structure, expanding the space while harmonizing with the existing architecture, with intermittent silk screened blocks to add pops of color that evoke the 1960s. The largest extension separates the library from the community center, letting each open independently of the other.

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The church’s nave was transformed into the entryway, an airy atrium which opens up to the full height of the building. Zigzags of white stairs connect the ground floor to floors that overlook the atrium, meshing with the white architectural infrastructures and support beams. Each floor features open reading areas with comfortable seating, long tables for group study, and more private sectioned-off desk areas. The original peaked wooden roof hovers over the top floor, giving guests an expansive and inspiring setting to research. A gorgeous renovation transformed an iconic structure, this new community hub pays tribute to its original design.

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